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 Houston (TX) (Brick Stone Masonry) Houston (TX) Mason Contractor Block Mason Company Repair Remodel Cost Houston (TX) Stone Veneers masonry Restoration Work New to historical. Mason, Brick, Mason, Houston (TX) Masonry Repair. Houston (TX) Brick Veneers Foundations Houston (TX) Stone Masonry chimneys block-Repair Remodels

We do all types of Houston TX custom masonry construction.- chimneys, brick block-Repair Remodels House Homes. We also do remodels, upgrades Design Work We also offer limited design work for your masonry projects. Restoration Work New to historical. Houston TX Block Mason, Brick, Mason, Masonry Repair, Brick Layer


Brick masonry units may be solid, hollow, or architectural terra cotta. All types can serve a struc- tural function, a decorative function, or a combination of both. The various types differ in their formation and composition. Building brick, also called common, hard, or kiln-run brick, is made from ordinary clay or shale and is fired in kilns. These bricks have no special shoring, markings, surface texture, or color. Because building bricks are generally used as the backing courses in either solid or cavity brick walls, the harder and more durable types are preferred. Face brick is better quality and has better durability and appearance than building brick. Because of this, face bricks are used in exposed wall faces. The most common face brick colors are various shades of brown, red, gray, yellow, and white. Clinker brick is over burned in the kiln. Clinker bricks are usually rough, hard, durable, and sometimes irregular in shape. Pressed brick is made by a dry-press process rather than by kiln firing. Pressed bricks have regular smooth faces, sharp edges, and perfectly square corners. Ordinarily, they are used like face brick. Glazed brick has one surface coated with a white or colored ceramic glazing. The glazing forms when mineral ingredients fuse together in a glass like coating during burning. Glazed bricks are particularly Figure 8-31.-Common cut brick shapes. 8-25


"Q. How do you offer so many service's ? A. We are a company of Contractors-Tradesmen & Designers,"

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